Alisha Lieber

I am a 10th grade Language Arts Support teacher from Sioux City, Iowa. This is my second year of teaching and I have enjoyed all of the experiences it has brought me. My students can be challenging to motivate since most of them are two years behind in reading. Technology is very motivating and I know that the new information that I am receiving daily will help my instruction. If you are interested in blogging about adolescent literacy, here is my blogging website

smiley_face.jpgMelissa Provost

I am a 7th grade Language Arts teacher from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Aside from teaching seventh graders, whom I adore, I love technology and integrating it into my classroom - I consistently advocate for promoting digital literacy in all content areas. I need to dedicate myself more to blogging, but it goes without saying that with three kids, work and Walden, some things slide. Still, I hope you stop by and check out my Ningand blog.

smiley_face.jpgHélène James

I live in Binghamton NY. I teach French to 7th and 8th grade. I am actually learning how to use the new technology in classroom. This is a challenge to me that I enjoy. I do not know everything, so I go from one blog to another to find ideas and help. I just created a blog "Teaching Foreign Language": where you can contact me.

smiley_face.jpgAlison Pietrzak
I am a 7th/8th grade Language Arts and Science teacher. I live in an eastern suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. The collaboration of insightful websites that our group created will allow us quick references to questions we may have about technology and teaching. I know the more I practice blogging and using technology the better I will become using it to share with my students in the classroom. You can view my blogs at where you can share ideas about teaching!

Tara Minnerly

I teach 7th grade Language Arts in Torrington, CT and live in the same town as well. I am excited to apply all of this new technology we are learning into the classroom. Although it can sometimes be difficult and frustrating to learn, it will certainly foster positive experiences for students in the classroom. You can find me on the web at my blog,


Kerry-Ann Kerr
As a Language Arts teacher, I am currently learning how to use technology so that learning can be more stimulating for my students. I am really pleased to know that I am learning how to integrate technology into my lessons which will benefit students with varying learning abilities and interests. I hope to be more computer literate as I study the course Understanding the Impact of Technology on Education, Work and Society. Please feel free to visit my blog at

smiley_face.jpgWesley Rogers
I am an English teacher, currently teaching 10th grade. I have always felt I am a teacher who does a pretty good job incorporating technology into my classroom. I now find myself learning about blogging and wikis, things I have never used myself, let alone tried to use in teh classroom. I feel like I am really pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Hopefully, though, through this course, I will learn new ways to instruct, assess, and inspire my students. As I learn myself, I have a blog you can visit at .

Michael Palo

I am currently teaching World History (10th Grade) and American Government (12th Grade) at La Sierra High School in Riverside, California. I am originally from Kansas City, Kansas, and I moved out west about five years ago. I have tried to utilize technology in the classroom as much as possible, but not until I have enrolled in this degree program through Walden University have I realized the importance of technology in the classroom. Along with teaching, I am also an assistant coach on the varsity levels for girls soccer and baseball, which keeps me very busy all year long. I love what I do on a daily basis, and I can honestly say that I have never worked a day in my life! Check out my classroom blog: and I look forward to collaborating and learning about the importance of technology in the classroom.